I am an extremely motivated Visual Effects artist with 5 years of industry experience in compositing, motion graphics and roto paint. I have worked on several award winning feature films, shorts and specials at Dreamworks Animation as an Image Finaling Lead co-ordinating and approving shots cross-site while working closely with the lighting department to address rendering issues and artistic notes on substantial chunks of every movie.

I have a good eye for visuals and a strong sense of design. At the same time I have become accustomed to working within tight deadlines. I have always strived to achieve excellence in all aspects of my work. Although I specialize in compositing, I am constantly looking to expand my skill set and portfolio by learning new software and techniques that can take my work to the next level.

Specialties: Compositing, Stereo Compositing, Greenscreen Extractions, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Paint, Still Touchups.

Nikhil's Vimeo Page

All animated feature shots have Image Finaling work done which involved addressing artistic notes and fixing rendering errors in the lighting frames using Stereoscopic compositing, 3D projections, patches and roto paint using Nuke.

Shots from my recent work in the Dreamworks Animation feature film "Home" and "Penguins of Madagascar" are not available until the DVD/Blu-ray is released. Enjoy the rest of my work!

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